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    Ethereal Summit in NYC exhibition invitation


    JLT Board of Trustees Dear members of JLT board of trustees. Hope this letter finds that all are well. On behalf of Art404, We are very pleased to announce that we will be participating in this years Ethereal Summit in NYC May 11th and curating a specific selection of works by artist we have been following and enjoying there practice that is relative to our key introduction in the statement proposed for the summit. That speaks on skepticism and how humanity as a society is operating within various value systems. How we are directly affected by the social, environmental, and politics of art, social networks and blockchain. In turn, we seek to include works of Jonas Lund specifically (JLT) that is very relevant to ideas like -Block Chain Aesthetic, Artworld Ethereum and conceptual art. In presenting the works and phases of shares within the Jonas Lund Token, that already is distributed via the Ethereum blockchain. It be really great that the summit can experience such cryptographic artworks, concepts and the recent works of Jonas Lund and the phases of the JLT shares curated in our exhibition. The exhibition is titled “ Sentimental Value's “ and will be realized — @the Knockdown Center for/during the Ethereal conference In NYC May 11th. It’s an exhibition that the artist content and work is nested in an algorithm that combines social media engagement metrics with sentiment analysis of social media commentary to determine the overall sentiment of a given artist. The artists' sentiment value is used in conjunction with the value of Ethereum to compute a final value of the artists work. In this case the configuration of JLT pieces are sold for Ethereum. 1 JLT = 1/100th ETH. JLT’s first two phases. The algorithm we are coding for the exhibition braids nicely with Jonas Lund Token bounty program, where anyone can claim tokens in exchange for specific actions, such as offering Jonas Lund a solo exhibition at an institution, or posting an image of his work to Instagram. Again we are very pleased to announce and introduce the possible future of working with Jonas Lund and curating his practice into the content of “Sentimental Value’s”, Ethereal summit exhibition. Sincerely Art 404 2 Cornelia St. #1102 New York, NY 10014 1000 NW 1st Avenue Apt. Ph 02, Miami, FL 33136

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      2018-04-24 10:00:00
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