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    Jonas Lund Token is a distributed decentralised autonomous artistic practice that aims to optimise and streamline the decision making process in art production and the strategic decisions concerning a career path.

    The JLT shareholders participate in the decision making process by casting votes on proposals and through discussions on this website. As the career path of Jonas Lund improves and his market value increases, so does the value of a Jonas Lund Token, thus allowing shareholders to profit through dividends and potential sales of the tokens.

    You can join the shareholders and participate in the distributed control over Jonas Lund’s artistic practice by purchasing tokens in the Shop, complete a Jonas Lund Token Bounty or invest in a Jonas Lund Token wall piece.

    Get JLT's through the bounty program →

    JLT Smart Contract Address
    0x6E146C41547826a939794d64d53dB22A99423d8c(Do not send ETH here)

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