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    What is Jonas Lund Token?

    The Jonas Lund Token is a standard ERC20 token that functions as a voting share in Jonas Lund artistic practice. Each token gives its owner the opportunity to vote on specific questions that concerns the artistic practice of Jonas Lund.

    How does it work?

    JLT's are distributed as a smart contract on Ethereum. Ethereum is an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system featuring smart contract functionality.

    How can I get some?

    Unless you have been invited to join the initial board of trustees, the tokens are distributed through art works, so in order to enter into the share holders you can reach out to Jonas Lund to inquire about availability.

    Can I buy tokens online?

    Right now that's not possible, but soon it will be. Login with MetaMask and add your email to get updates and see the Terms of Ownership for more details.

    How does the voting work?

    Each proposal has a deadline, once the deadline is passed, the answer with the most JLT votes will be decided the winner. You vote with your JLT's, one JLT is equal to one vote. To be able to vote and to see any of the proposals you need to have at least 1 JLT.

    Do I lose my Jonas Lund Tokens when I vote?

    No. Your tokens aren't spent on voting. The JLT's function as shares in Jonas Lund's work, so similar to how a shareholder may vote on certain topics in regards to the business, the JLT allows you to vote on things concerning Jonas Lund's artistic practice without loosing any of your tokens.

    Can I also propose proposals to vote on?

    If you have more then 10000 JLT's you can also make proposals to the JLT holders.

    Can I use the JLT interface on my phone?

    No, right now you can't as MetaMask is not available on phones. You can add your phone number in the settings to get notifications and vote via Telegram.

    How can I import my private key in MetaMask?

    Open MetaMask and click Import Account

    then paste your private key

    What is the price of 1 JLT?

    During the first two phases, the price of one Jonas Lund Token is linked to the price of 1/100th of an Ethereum. At the current timestamp 02/23/2020 23:56:12 the value of 1/100th (0.01) of an Ethereum is: $. Find out more details about the distribution phases here.

    Is there a JLT bounty program?

    Yes. It's here: JLT Bounties

    I purchased a JLT art work, how do I get the private key?

    Please send an email to Jonas Lund for further instructions.